Automatically rotating painting aid for creative design of clamped sheets of paper



.The Looper is an innovative painting aid that consists of a rotating surface. Individual circular patterns can be created with a pen. There are no limits to creativity.

Short description of the invention

The Looper is a stable cube placed on any surface with a rotating turntable on which a sheet of paper is fixed.

By pressing an on/off switch, the turntable is motor-driven into rotation, whereby both left and right rotation is possible and different speed levels can be set.

When the tip of a felt-tip pen is placed on the paper, this creates - depending on the movement of the pen on the rotating base - circles and patterns in a beautiful play of colours within a very short time, which can be intensified by increasing the pressure on the paper according to taste. By using many colours and pen tips of different widths, the result can be varied more and more and offers a high surprise and entertainment value.

Advantages of the invention


Original painting aid

For those who need a little mechanical help in creating new drawing patterns, this rotating painting aid opens up completely new possibilities.

Painting utensils such as pens and paper can also be stored directly in the cube. This means that everything is neatly stored in one place.

Simple Aid with great Effect

Regardless of the simple technical components, surprising and remarkable artistic effects can be created with little effort.

Creative diversity

Whether the pen is applied inside or at the edge of the clamped sheet of paper, whether thick or thin strokes, whatever colour is used, whether deliberate omissions or large-scale colour applications: there are no limits to creativity.

High Entertain-ment value

At the beginning, nothing more than a blank sheet rotates - what is conjured up on the paper at the end in terms of patterns and colour games contains a high surprise and entertainment value.



The prototype was made from a dismantled computer fan (cube). A square of paper (approx. 3x3cm) is attached to its rotating surface with double-sided adhesive tape. The fan is switched on by means of a 9-volt battery with two cables attached to its poles, and the paper rotates in a rapid rotary motion.

Now the tip of a felt-tip pen is placed on the paper and within a very short time (less than one second in the middle) a circle is created that is larger the further the pen is placed on the edge of the paper.

Target group & Application

For children and adults, for diversion or also for the purpose of a conscious artistic activity - the Looper addresses many target groups and offers an infinite number of variation possibilities.

The short video demonstrates how the prototype works and shows how the Looper can be used to create great colourful pictures quickly and easily.

3D Visualisations


Property right

Utility Model

Type of protection: GER utility model
Registration number: 20 2021 000465
Date of registration: 08.02.2021

List of reference signs:
A Upper part
1 drawer or flap

B Lower part
2 Turntable/disc
3 Recess/inlet
4 Lever (on/off + direction)
5 Lugs/eyelets for fastening
6 Turning wheel (speed)
7 Air holes
8 Battery compartment (in bottom)



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